Q4 2018

Tablet Ownership


Tech Tracker tells us that over half of GB adults now own a tablet. Whilst ownership has remained stable throughout 2018, it has risen 3 percentage points since Q4 ‘17 and 6 percentage points since Q4 ‘16. The lack of growth in 2018 could be impacted by the growing trend for larger phones and hybrid laptops, however flat tablet sales are a far cry from the rumoured declining popularity of the device.


Adults aged 45-54 are significantly more likely to own a tablet than other age groups (71%), while those in the AB social grades are significantly more likely than other social grades. Perhaps surprisingly, the 45-54 age group are more likely than any other age-group to purchase goods or services via their tablet. They are also more likely to watch videos on their tablet than most other tablet users. However, the likelihood of tablet users playing games and paying to download apps decreases among the older demographics. Among all tablet users, sending and receiving emails is still the most popular activity in Q4 ’18.



The average household in Britain has 1 tablet (0.93). As we might expect, households with children are significantly more likely to own a tablet than households without children, with the average household with children owning 1.4 tablets.

Number of Tablets per Household

Base: circa 1,000 GB adults aged 15+ per wave           Source: Ipsos MORI



Apple’s iPad is still the market-leader, with 1 in 3 GB adults owning an iPad; a position it has held since non-iPad ownership matched that of the iPad in Q1 2016. Only 4 in 10 15-24’s own a tablet, but they are significantly more likely to own an iPad than a non-iPad tablet, they are the only age group to show this behaviour. The only significant difference in tablet brand preferences by gender is the fact that female owners are significantly more likely to own an iPad (34% iPad ownership vs. 24% non-iPad ownership).



Tablet Ownership by Brand

Base: circa 300-500 adults 15+ who own tablets          Source: Ipsos MORI

Technical Details


Ipsos MORI interviewed a quota sample of 1,000 adults aged 15+ in GB. The latest interviews were carried out face-to-face between 26th October – 7th November 2018. Data is weighted to a nationally representative profile.


A variety of other demographic breakdowns are available, including working status, household composition, ethnicity, income and newspaper readership.


The standard Ipsos MORI terms and conditions apply to this report, as with all studies the company undertakes. No press release or publication of the findings shall be made without the prior approval of Ipsos MORI. Approval will only be withheld on the grounds of inaccuracy or misinterpretation of results. Ipsos MORI reserves the right to amend the Internet Usage Statistics at any time.


About the survey


Technological developments are increasingly rapid, presenting a host of opportunities and risks for businesses. Today’s consumers are more connected than ever before and this makes online platforms and new devices ideal meeting points for brands and their audiences. Ipsos’ Tech Tracker is a GB nationally representative quarterly survey, which measures the emerging trends and developments in technology, allowing businesses to identify valuable consumer focused opportunities.


Using a modular approach, the survey covers internet penetration and expanding methods of access, smartphone ownership, social networking, games console ownership and the usage of both official and unofficial digital services for music, movies, TV and games.


This report includes a deep dive into tablet ownership, as well as the latest data on internet usage and connected homes.

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